Sumvision Cyclone Android X4 Review

Sumvision Cyclone Android X4 Review

If you’re on a tight budget and looking for a no thrills, small and compact Android TV Box that’s inexpensive, then the Sumvision Cyclone Android X4 fits the bill nicely.

Sumvision is one of the few reputable brands that manufacture Android TV Boxes among a whole range of other consumer electronics. Read our review to find out if anything is compromised for the Cyclone Android X4’s low price point.

Please Note: There is a Bluetooth version of the Cyclone Android X4 which features a different design. In this review, we’ll be looking at the standard player only.

Our User Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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In A Nutshell

  • Small and Compact – Measuring only 10 x 10 x 2cm, the Cyclone Android X4 is one of the smallest Android TV Boxes which is ideal if you don’t have much space around the TV.
  • Fully Loaded – Like all good Android TV Boxes, it comes pre-installed with the latest version of KODI, an entertainment centre app.
  • Reputable Brand – Having years of experience is manufacturing PC accessories, media players, speakers and much more, it’s safe to say that Sumvision is here for the long run whereas many other brands are not.
  • Low Price Point – The Sumvision Cyclone Android X4 is one of the most inexpensive Android TV Boxes around, making it a great entry point for newcomers.


I know what you’re thinking…

At such a low price point and being such a small unit, does it mean that power is sacrificed? Well, you’ll be glad to hear the short answer is no.

In fact, its specs of 1.5 GHz Quad Core Amlogic processor, Quad-Core Mali 400 graphics card and 1 GB RAM is actually comparable to many other more expensive Android TV Boxes.

The boot up time is impressively fast, it runs Full HD 1080P videos smoothly without any noticeable hiccups and downloaded games appear to be lag free too. All in all, the system has proven to be consitently reliable for many users.

Tech Specs

 Sumvision Cyclone X4
Our User Rating4 out of 5 stars
OSKitKat 4.4
Processor1.5 GHz Quad Core Amlogic
GPUQuad-Core Mali 400
RAM Memory1GB (DDR3)
Internal Storage8GB
Built-in WiFi
SD/MMCSD (up to 32GB)
Micro SD
USB Ports2 x USB 2.0
Other Ports- HDMI
- Ethernet RJ45
Video OutputHDMI v2.0 - Ultra HD 3840 x 2160P
Google Play Store
XBMC/Kodi Installed
Contents- Sumvision Cyclone X4
- Remote Control
- Power Adapter
- AV Cable
- USB Cable
- Setup Guide


Adopting a more rounded square design makes the Sumvision Cyclone Android X4 look rather unique. Its compact dimensions means that you can fit it in tighter spaces.

It has four rubbery grips at the bottom to prevent it from sliding around when sitting, and it has just all the necessary ports including 2 x USB, a Micro SD, AV/OUT, HDMI and Ethernet.

The only gripe I have is not actually with the main unit itself, it’s with the rather lacklustre remote control. It’s extremely basic and appears to be designed only for navigating through the menus. If you want to play slightly complex games however, be prepared to fork out for a suitable controller.

Sumvision Cyclone Android X4 Review


A user friendly and easy to navigate interface makes the Cyclone Android X4 a joy to play around with. Its clear and big icons ensures that you will quickly find your desired app.

The best thing I like about the interface is that you can actually customise the home menu to remove any adds you don’t want and add ones that you want quick access to.

Like with many other Android TV Boxes, it does come pre-installed with a bunch of standard apps such as Facebook, Netflix and Skype. But perhaps the most interesting app it comes with is the App Cleaner that frees up memory on the hard drive to make the system run faster.

Sumvision Cyclone Android X4 Review

Our Conclusion

I can probably count on one hand the number of brands that have been around for many years and release Android TV Boxes. The majority of them are newcomers and who knows how long they will stick around for.

Sumvision on the other hand is experienced in the consumer electronics niche. They’ve produced a good little device in the Cyclone Android X4 that is cheap, powerful and good looking. Whether you’re new to Android or have been though a few devices, you can’t go wrong with this model.

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Our User Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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