JUSTOP Droibox T9 Android TV Box Review

JUSTOP Droibox T9 Review

The sleek looking JUSTOP Droibox T9 Android TV Box is presented in an attractive premium packaging and is ready to use straight out the box.

That sounds good and all, but how does its performance and user friendliness stack up? Find out in my review below.

Our User Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

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In A Nutshell

  • Attractive Presentation – A plain and cheap box is not very welcoming. Fortunately, the Droibox T9 welcomes you with a cool looking box and neatly packaged contents.
  • Well Constructed – The construction quality of this Android TV Box surpasses many other models due to its solid build, smooth edged design and overall premium feel.
  • Fully Loaded – You won’t have to ponder on what and how to download because it already comes pre-loaded with all apps and software necessary for all your entertainment needs.
  • Great Value – Probably the best aspect of the JUSTOP Droibox T9 is that it offers fantastic value for money that is difficult to match.


With the amount of apps and software you can load onto an Android TV Box, you’d need a system that’s powerful enough to handle all of them. How well does the Droibox T9 do in this department?

The specs look highly impressive with a 2.0 GHz Amlogic S905 Quad Core X4 processor, Octo-Core Mali 450 graphics card and a 1GB RAM. You’ll be hard pressed to find another model with these specs at this price range.

Intensive apps have been tested and found to load up in a few seconds which is not spectacular when compared with a more expensive Android tablet or phone, but for a inexpensive Android TV Box, it’s quite good. In general, it doesn’t lag during game play nor playing HD movies or TV series which is what the majority of users use it for.

Tech Specs

 Justop Droibox T9
Our User Rating4.6 out of 5 stars
OSLollipop 5.1
Processor2.0 GHz Amlogic S905 Quad Core X4
GPUOcto-Core Mali 450
RAM Memory1GB (DDR3)
Internal Storage8GB
Built-in WiFi
SD/MMCSD (up to 32GB)
USB Ports2 x USB 2.0
Other Ports- Micro USB
- AV
- Ethernet RJ45
Video OutputHDMI v1.4 - Full HD 1080P
Google Play Store
XBMC/Kodi Installed
Contents- Justop Droibox T9
- Remote Control
- HDMI Cable
- Power Adapter
- Setup Guide


At first glass, the JUSTOP Droibox T9 looks like many of the other square Android TV Boxes out on the market, but upon closer look (which can be hard to tell from a picture), it has better details and build to it.

Just by picking it up, it feels sturdier and heavier than other models and the edges are smoothed out which not only gives it a sleek look, but is also less prone to outer damage if you were to drop it.

A useful feature of this model is that it has a blue illuminated time on the front of the box. However, when you turn off the Android TV Box, the time also turns off, leaving only a red light.

Putting the main box aside, it does include what feels like a good quality HDMI cable, a UK plug (yes! Saves you from having to buy an adapter) and a rather generic remote control, which doesn’t feel as good as the main box itself.

JUSTOP Droibox T9 Review


The JUSTOP Droibox T9 has its own custom interface which is attractive and easy to navigate through. Unfortunately, you cannot customize it to have it the way you want it to look. It’s a minor issue but some users enjoy the flexibility of this option.

Of course, an Android TV Box wouldn’t be complete without KODI (formerly XBMC) pre-installed, which provides you with a host of apps that you can download to watch movies and TV shows, live sports, play games and whatever else.

It also comes pre-loaded with some other popular apps such as Dropbox, Facebook, Netflix, Modbro, Megabox HD and others (the latter two is used for watching movies). Luckily, it’s not bloated with useless apps that are just there to take up space.

Please do read the instruction manual and A4 Quick Start Guide that’s included in the box. This will tell you how to use the Android TV Box which is essential if you’re a beginner. A few people have skipped this part only to find themselves having to reboot the system and reinstall KODI.

JUSTOP Droibox T9 Android TV Box Review

Our Conclusion

I like the fact that JUSTOP has taken considerable effort to not only make their product user friendly with carefully considered app installations, but also with the well engineered design.

Because of this, the Droibox T9 surpasses its rivals and is one of the best Android TV Boxes that’ll give you the most bang for your buck.

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Our User Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

JUSTOP Droibox T9 Android TV Box Review