Amazon Prime VS Netflix

Who Offers Better Value in the UK?

There are plenty of options when it comes to watching high quality movies and TV shows online. Two of the biggest giants of the online entertainment world are Amazon Prime (read our full review here) and Netflix, both of who dominate the marketplace.

In a battle of Amazon Prime VS Netflix, who provides the better value? Who has the better video selection in quality and titles? Who offers better pricing options? Check out our comparison table below and read our review of the two.


Amazon Prime
Free Trial30 Days1 Month
What's Included
  • Unlimited streaming of over 15,000 movies & TV shows
  • Unlimited One-Day Delivery
  • Secure unlimited photo storage
  • Over 500,000 Kindle ebooks
  • Special 'Prime' offers on Amazon
  • Unlimited streaming of movies & TV shows
    HD AvailableOnly for Standard & Premium membership
    Multi-Device Support
    Monthly SubscriptionOnly exclusively for Amazon Prime Instant Video
  • £79/year
  • £5.99/month (Amazon Prime Instant Video only)
  • £5.99 - Basic
  • £7.49 - Standard
  • £8.99 - Premium

    What’s On Offer

    • Amazon Prime – There are basically two options when it comes to Amazon Prime. Firstly, you can sign up just for Amazon Instant Video for unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows, or for a few more quid, you can sign up to full access of Amazon Prime which also includes One Day Delivery on millions of products fulfilled by Amazon, unlimited photo storage, access to thousands of Kindle titles and some special offers you may get from time to time.
    • Netflix – What you see is what you get. A tonne of movies and TV shows. Nothing more and nothing less.

    Battle of Video Selection

    Both Amazon Prime and Netflix have plenty of the same movies and TV shows on offer so you’ll never get bored on what’s on offer, but what’s going to set them apart is their originals.

    • Netflix – It’s fair to say that Netflix has more self-funded programmes on offer than any other on-demand internet streaming media provider. You can expect to see films such as House of Cards, Orange Is the New Black, The Square etc. They also have exclusive distribution to a number of programmes in a variety of genres from Comedy to Animation to Action.
    • Amazon Prime – Like Netflix, Amazon Prime also have a good amount of exclusives but a less amount of original programmes. However, they have on offer massively popular and highly rated TV series’ such as Boardwalk Empire , Downtown Abbey, The Wire, The Sopranos, Band of Brothers and even more.

    Battle of Video Quality

    Both providers offer both Standard or High Definition on selected videos and devices. However, in the case of Netflix, you need to sign up for their Standard or Premium subscription to watch HD. Their basic package only offers SD.

    Multi-Device Capabilities

    While both AP and Netflix allows you to watch their content over a broad range of devices including the PC, iPad, Android TV Boxes and tablets, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii, Wii U, certain Blu-Ray players and Smart TVs, Amazon Prime allows you to stream content on up to 3 devices at the same time.

    If you want to do something similar on Netflix, you’d have to upgrade to their Standard (up to 2 screens) or Premium (up to 4 screens) subscriptions.

    Payment Options

    • Amazon Prime – A pay monthly option is only available if you choose Amazon Instant Video only, which doesn’t give you access to the other features that’s included in the full Prime package. If you want the entire package, then it’s an upfront cost of £79 for the entire year.
    • Netflix – There are 3 monthly pay options (Basic, Standard and Premium) which can all be cancelled at any time.

    Best Value

    Even at the cheapest Basic subscription on Netflix, you’re more or less paying the same as you would for Amazon Prime, but you’re really limited in viewing options such as not being able to view HD and watch on more than one device at a time.

    It’s pretty apparent, at least to us, that Amazon Prime offers much more value than Netflix. They offer better viewing options, a comparable amount of movies and TV shows and a host of brilliant extras that are all part of the Amazon experience.

    The only catch is that you have to pay upfront. Granted, the cost won’t exactly break the bank, but it’s whether you want to commit to it is the question.

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