Amazon Prime Review – Unlimited Movies & One-Day Delivery

How much does it cost and is it worth it?

If you’re a huge entertainment media buff like myself, then you’ll need an unlimited stream of movies and TV shows to keep you busy. Amazon Prime provides that and so much more. In my review of Amazon Prime, I’ll be discussing what you get, because it’s more than just entertainment, and if it’s actually worth the price.

Here’s a cheesy but entertaining advert for Amazon Prime that explains what you get with it.

Amazon Prime Review

Unlimited streaming of over 15,000 movies and TV shows on your devices from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Amazon Prime Free One-Day Delivery

You also get Free Unlimited One-Day Delivery on all your purchases that are fulfilled Amazon.

What Is Amazon Prime?

It’s certainly not your typical offer. In an unusual but extremely popular deal, Amazon Prime offers you the following when you sign up to their annual subscription service that will cost you less than a couple cups of coffees per month.

  • Unlimited Movies & TV Shows – Access to unlimited streams of over 15,000 movies and TV shows in Standard Definition and/or High Definition, enough to fulfil your appetite for entertainment.
  • Anywhere Access – You don’t have to watch it in the comfort of your own home either. You can literally watch them anywhere where you have an Internet connection.
  • Watch in Advance – You’ll also get to watch the popular American TV shows before it even hits British TV, instead of hearing such raving reviews about them but having to wait several months to watch them.
  • Kindle Catalogue – I’m not big on reading, but if you are, you’ll be happy to have access to the huge catalogue in the lending library of Kindle Owners.

While it has nothing to do with entertainment, Amazon Prime also includes the following useful services:

  • Unlimited Photo Storage – A safe and secure online storage of an unlimited number of photos which you can access from anywhere. This is especially handy when you’re on holiday and you need to more space to take more photos.
  • Free One Day Delivery Service – This is the most unique selling point of Amazon Prime, and one that I make full use of every time I buy something from Amazon. I’m not an impatient person, but whenever I buy something, I want it sooner rather than later.
  • Special Offers – From time to time, Amazon will run special offers such as discounts on products for Amazon Prime members only, such as the upcoming Prime Special on 15th July 2015.

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How Much Does Amazon Prime Cost?

While signing up to Amazon Prime doesn’t break the bank, you’ve got to figure out whether it’s actually worth spending the money for what you get. So how much does it cost?

30-Day Free Trial

You first start off with a 30-Day Free Trial that gives you access to all of the above features, and once that trial period is up, you can either cancel or pay the annual option.

Annual Option

If you liked what you experienced then you can choose to remain as an Amazon Prime member for an upfront annual fee of £79. This which works out to be £6.58 per month, slightly more than Netflix’s £5.99 basic monthly sub but the difference is, Netflix only gives you movies and TV shows while Prime gives you much more.

There is no option for a monthly subscription which I suspect is due to the low price point and the commitment Amazon wants from customers. This may change in the future but this isn’t really the deciding factor for most.

Is It Worth It?

The short answer is yes, if you watch more than 2-3 movies or TV shows a month. It’s simply much more cost effective than buying them separately.

When renting online movies from providers such as Google Play, Apple iTunes or Sky Store, it’ll cost you at the very least £1.99 per film, and even more if you want to watch entire seasons of entire TV shows or buy films. You can already see how the costs will add up when you begin to watch more and more.

Plus, when you add in the free one day deliveries, thousands of Kindle titles, unlimited online photo storage – You’re looking at a really great value service that is able to set itself apart from other ordinary media providers.

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Amazon Prime Review

Access Amazon Prime’s selection of movies and TV series on your TV…

Amazon Prime Review

…or on your tablet…or on more than 600 other devices for that matter.