Our Top 7 Best Android TV Box’s

The critics have spoken! Check out our comparison table of the top 10 best Android TV box’s and our favourite picks from the bunch!

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What Can An Android TV Box Do?

Surf The Internet

Browse your favourite websites on the big screen using a wireless keyboard, touchpad or controller to navigate your way around.

Watch Movies

Watch your favourite movies from Youtube, Netflix, an external HDD or directly from the internal storage of your Android TV box.

Play Games

Whether it’s a shoot em’ up like Modern Combat 4 or a fun puzzle game like Angry Birds, you can be sure that it’s much more fun on the big screen with a game pad.

Access Android Apps

Download applications from the Play Store and load them up on your TV. You can play games, access media players, very useful or just outright crazy apps.

What Makes A Good Android TV Box?


Best Android TV Box


Do not settle for less. If you’re going to be streaming videos and playing games in high definition, then you’ll definitely need a powerful Android TV Box that is capable of doing that. 


Best Android TV Box


Simply put, the more connections that the device has, the more options you’ll have when it comes to connecting external devices such as USB sticks and external HDDs.


Best Android TV Box


There’s nothing more annoying than buying an Android TV Box, kicking back and relaxing while watching your favourite TV show, then the device crashes. Get a device that’s reliable is a must.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kodi / XBMC?

XBMC, which is now known as Kodi, is an open source home theater software. It’s a full entertainment hub that allows you to watch videos, listen to music, view images, watch and record live TV shows among a range of other things. It’s available for Android, Windows, Linux, iOS and other operating systems. Click here to visit the Kodi/XBMC official website.


Can I use a keyboard and mouse?

Most Android TV boxes will allow you to connect a keyboard and mouse via USB or wireless to control the device. It’s also possible to connect a game pad such as an XBOX controller to play games.

What can an Android TV box do?

To keep it simple, an Android TV box will basically turn your TV into a huge Android tablet. This means you can do everything an Android tablet or phone can do, but on a bigger screen.

How is an Android TV box different from Apple TV, Roku, WD Live and other media players?

First and foremost, an Android TV box runs on an Android OS, something that you may already be very familiar with. There are usually more connectivity options too. Other media players are also limited on software options since they are closed platforms, whereas an Android TV box is open source which means that they can be tweaked and customized by users. This allows you to access the widest array of streaming content as well as a full selection of local media.

About Us

The popularity of Android TV boxes are gaining steam, and for good reasons. They’re the answer to Apple TV and Roku media players, except, they run on an Android operating system which allows you to access the thousands of apps on the Google Play Store.

Essentially, it will turn your TV into a massive Android tablet. However, there are a lot of poor quality Android TV boxes simply because of inadequate technology. Slow loading times (sometimes not even loading apps) and screen freezes are common problems among many models.

Here at BestAndroidTVBox.co.uk, we’re here to help you select the best model so you won’t have to endure the stress that comes with receiving a crappy Android TV box. Head over to our comparison table to see side-by-side specs comparison of the top 7 Android TV boxes. Beneath the table, you can also read what our favourite picks are and why.